Osi Affiliate

 Get paid to share with friends!  When they sign up for a subscription, they’ll receive their first box for $19.99 when they sign up for a 6, 9 or 12 month subscription, and you’ll get paid once their purchase is complete!  Talk about an easy win!

For every qualified purchase ($39.99 Monthly Subscription or order over $49) through your link, you will receive:

  • $10 in Bump Boxes store credit OR

  • $5 in cold hard cash

Sign up for your account and start earning today!  Payments are fast and easy, and you can track every sale through your personal dashboard!  Simply contact us to let us know your preferred form of payment from above.

Please note that you can only refer Bump Boxes to people who are new customers.  Each referral is manually checked and approved. You must contact us at affiliate@bumpboxes.com to request cash vs. store credit.  All funds in US dollars. 

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